Photobooth Rental Our Photo booth

Our Photo booth

This is the actual “Open Air” Photobooth

Several people have Inquired as to what does our unit look like. So, here ya go.

This is the actual unit in action.

It is similar to a stop sign. It fits just about anywhere.

It’s not the 360 unit. We do not have that one because we feel it’s a hazard and easy for someone to lose their balance and fall so we opted to offer this stable unit.

It does several different things.

What does it’s do?

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    This night was one of the most rewarding events we have been honored to serve. He planned his entire event, including the photobooth. Mr. V had his own agenda and […]
  • Joy
    Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life. Family

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  • It takes regular photos while you do your favorite pose.
  • It will take short video clips
  • It takes boomerang shots